Angela & Christeline

Angela__ChristyAngela and Christeline are teen sisters. We got to know them about a year after we opened the shop when we found out, through a friend, that the girls weren't able to go to school because the Mom couldn't afford uniforms.   So Bob, bless his heart, jumped in the car, drove to their home and picked up the girls (and their brothers) and took them shopping for school supplies and uniforms.   They were so happy to be able to go to school. 

We are grateful to the people who send us money so we can help local families.  It makes such a difference in their lives!   Since that time, their mom had her 8th (and last) baby.  Times are very tough for them, especially with no Dad and no source of income beyond the occasional help from neighbours.

In March Bob came home with 2 large boxes of jewelry supplies that he bought from a lady who was moving back to the States.  My first thought was 'What are we going to do with this?"  His response; “Teach the local girls to make jewelry.”   So that is what we did!   A number of girls, including Angela and Christeline, now come over to the house on Saturdays to make jewelry.  It is a good break for them to come over (we listen to Spanish worship music and of course, I make them a nice big lunch!)  They have been very busy creating and constructing earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Just recently the family were forced out of their little house in Flowers Bay because they weren't able to keep up with the rent.  Now they have to live in French Harbour up-island and the girls are bussed to school. But through all their trials they are always smiling and happy when we see them.  We are proud of them for continuing in school and for their desire to help the family. They take great pride in their work and I know it has been very affirming for them.

Chunky turquoise and wood necklace set with amazonite cross and flower.
20.00 USD
beautiful rondelle faceted earrings in a blue green colour. made by Cristy
Item Sold
7.00 USD
sweet little necklace with various glass seed beads and a round checkerboard seashell pendant.
Item Sold
12.00 USD
Perfect for parties. 18 in with fancy rhinestone clasp. Made by Angela
14.00 USD
sweet little earrings with pearls, silver and multi faceted bead dangling on the bottom.
7.00 USD
Angela made these! They had so much fun making Christmas earrings... enjoy!
Item Sold
6.00 USD
Large ice blue bead, silver cone and delicate light blue pearls. Made by Angela.
Item Sold
7.00 USD
On elastic cord with wood beads and cross. Comes in a variety of colours. Please specify: pink,blue, green or yellow.
Item Sold
5.00 USD
This is strung on waxed linen cord and has deep brown wooden beads and blue beads in a triple strand with a lobster claw attachment. 18 inches.
Item Sold
13.00 USD
This is a single wrap chan lau bracelet with blue beads.
10.00 USD
These bangles are wrapped with embroidary floss. Comes in a set of 3.
5.00 USD
Roar!!! This is a wild piece!
15.00 USD
Please specify colour!
8.00 USD
Handmade by Angela using amethyst, glass beads and silver circular links.
15.00 USD
Yes!! We were given some beautiful Baltic amber this summer. Can you believe it?!
10.00 USD
Turquoise and brown and rust make up this beautiful chunky necklace... hand made by Angela. One of a kind! Matching heart earrings. 18" with copper toggle clasp.
23.00 USD
This design is exclusive from Linda Atkinson who was willing to share it with Made in Roatan. Wire Wrapped in copper with turquoise briolette beads.
Item Sold
15.00 USD
Beautiful handwired copper earrings with coral briolette gems. A unique design!
Item Sold
15.00 USD
You couldn't ask for a more versatile accessory!! It can be worn as a hair elastic or a bracelet or an anklet. Made from recycled stockings (yes how ingenius is that?!) and has lamp work and colourful wooden beads.
3.00 USD
It seems that anything with buttons is popular right now. This vintage button bracelet was made by Christeline and has a variety of brown and green colors.
5.00 USD
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