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YourginYourgin was born on the island of Roatan.  He is a true islander!  He grew up living in Sandy Bay with his grandfather and brother.

He initially had a hard time here since he was estranged from his family and spent most of his time living on the streets.   Roatan can be a tough place to grow up and yet things always seem to work out for him. He will always be grateful to his cousin who came back to the island and decided to allow him to live with her.  Yourgin-familyShe took care of him, helped him, and allowed him to sell the jewellery that she was making.  One day she decided to teach him how to carve black coral and turtle shell for himself.  Yourgin hasn’t looked back since that day and thanks her for giving him such a wonderful opportunity.

It took time but he managed to develop the art of carving and sanding, creating wonderful unique pieces of jewellery.  He stopped carving the black coral when it became endangered and now loves to carve out of the many faceted colors of our beautiful Honduran jade.   I asked him how he does it and he said he simply allows the grain and the colors to define each piece that will emerge.  You won’t find any other jewellery like this...each piece is truly one of a kind!!

Yourgin is married to a beautiful girl from Montana and they have 3 wonderful boys. Making jewellery is his main source of income so we thank you in advance for supporting him with your purchase.

This is a remarkable piece of island jade from Barberette Island. We went there last year and we got a some jade for Yourgin. He said it is a very hard piece of jade and was hard to work but the polish and shine on this is remarkable!! On an 18 inch leather cord with a lobster clasp.
25.00 USD
A beautiful hand carved jade necklace in greys and wonderful translucent blue, with a lovely pinch bail and an 18 in leather cord. Lobster clasp to close
20.00 USD
Handmade by Yourgin on adjustable cord
10.00 USD
Handmade by Yourgin
10.00 USD
Hand cut and polished cross necklace made by Yourgin
10.00 USD
Hand cut and polished cross necklace
10.00 USD
Beautiful.. shades of blue, green and a lovely shade of yellow.
10.00 USD
Oh! I love this so much. It is a small (2 inch) piece of multi coloured jade in the shades which I love so much: red, gold, gray and black. Enjoy!
10.00 USD
Hand cut and polished Jade earrings.
Item Sold
10.00 USD
I recently took a trip to Barbarette Island and got permission to get some jade for Yourgin. He says this is very high quality and hard jade that requires him to use a diamond saw and bit.
25.00 USD
Beautiful hurricane circle jade necklace set, hand carved and polished on a tan adjustable cord. Click on photos to view a close up photo.
Item Sold
30.00 USD
Hand cut and polished circular Jade stone with matching earrings! Adjustable black cord.
22.00 USD
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