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madeinroatan shopThe Made In Roatan Shop

Nestled in amongst the roadside souvenir shops serving the cruise ship port of Coxen Hole is a unique little gift shop called "Made in Roatan". Everything is made right on the island by local artisans. Not only are the products unique and interesting, but it is a non-profit shop.

madeinroatan displayBob and Debi Cowan first came to Roatan in 2005 for a holiday and fell in love with the people of this beautiful island. The poverty stirred their hearts and when they had the opportunity to move here, they took it. Their goal is simply to help the people both practically and spiritually. They live out their faith in Jesus Christ by initiating projects that will create ongoing income for as many locals as possible. This shop is one of these projects. About 20 families benefit from selling their crafts, as well as the island owners of the shop Bob built for them.

The shop is located about 100 yards east of the cruise ship dock on the left beside the little Main Street Mall, which houses the La Fise Bank, a pharmacy and a Re-max office. It is a dark brown building with bright yellow trim. Come and see us on cruise ship days....every purchase helps feed a local family.

We Have Amazing Shipping Prices!
shippingDon't be scared of ordering! Our shipping rates are VERY REASONABLE In fact we can ship most 5-item jewellery orders for as little as $9

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