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August 2012
URGENT UPDATE  It has been 4 months since the Made in Roatan shop near the Coxen Hole port has closed! (since ships aren't coming in there right now) we will reopen in November.   we have been selling from our home to mission teams but sales have really dropped in the last month. it's terrible! the artists parents have been looking for work. one family in particular is really struggling. she is making arrangements to go to grand cayman to find work once her visa is approved. we found at cleaning job for another mother and she is working all day for 15.00.   Times are really desperate.  Many are happy if they get one small meal a day.   It breaks my heart when they call saying 'did anything sell online? we have nothing'

the online store is a way for you to help these families. especially during this really slow time. i hate to keep 'harping' at you all but these are very desperate times. it breaks my heart. 

please go to the online store and get some early christmas shopping done. thanks for your support. 

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